R. dichroanthum hybrid 'Elsie'


dichroanthum hybrid 'Elsie' (name is not registered)

Parentage: [(dichroanthum x unknown) OP x probably brachycarpum] OP from Botanical Garden of Ruissalo, Finland. H (1997) Reijo Hahkala, Finland; G (2002) Kristian Theqvist, Finland.
Habit: Compact growth, estimated 1.2 m in ten years.
Flowers: White flowers with pink edges, greenish yellow area with brown spots on upper lobe. Flower size 4.5 to 6 cm.
Leaves: Leaves are glabrous, dark green and 12 to 17 cm long.
Cold Hardiness: The young plant has survived winters undamaged down to -26C. Probably very good hardiness.

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