R. brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii hybrid 'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'

'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'

brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii hybrid 'P.M.A. Tigerstedt' also known as 'Peter Tigerstedt'

Parentage: brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x catawbiense var. album 'Glass', Marjatta Uosukainen / Arboretum Mustila, Finland
Habit: An upright spreading plant, reaching more than 2 m height when fully-grown.
Flowers: White flowers have blood-brown blotches. Flower size 5.5 to 7 cm.
Leaves: Leaves are glabrous, dark green and 15 to 20 cm long.
Cold Hardiness: -33F, -36C
'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'

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