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The seed list for ARS 2003 Seed Exchange

Kristian Theqvist, Finland, 5b

  1. R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum1, cw
  2. 'Helsinki University' 2 x dichroanthum Böhmen, cp
  3. 'Helsinki University' 2 x 'Kalinka' cp
  4. 'Helsinki University' 2 x 'Ken Janeck', cp
  5. 'Helsinki University' 2 x 'Calsap', cp
  6. 'Kullervo' 3 x dichroanthum Böhmen, cp
  7. 'Kullervo' 3 x 'Ken Janeck', cp
  8. 'Kullervo' 3 x 'Dagmar', cp

1 R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum seeds collected in Turku Archipelago, Southern Finland.

2 'Helsinki University' is a Finnish extra hardy hybrid (-38F, -39C) with bright pink flowers, red-orange freckled.
   The seed parent is brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii, the pollen parent is unknown.

3 'Kullervo' is a Finnish low growing hardy hybrid (-29F, -34C) with pink flowers fading white.
   The parentage is brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii x yakushimanum.
   Cold stratification of the 'Kullervo' seeds improves germination.

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