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The seed list for ARS 2004 Seed Exchange

Kristian Theqvist, Finland, 5b

I made last summer quite a lot of new crossings with an aim to get super hardy rhododendrons that would survive in Finland. Unfortunately the yield of seeds was this time very low and I did not get many extra seeds for the ARS Seed Exchange. Anyhow, I want to share a couple of my crosses although they may not be among the most interesting ones. I send also this year wild collected R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum as it seemed that last year tomentosum seeds were sold out quite fast.
  1. R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum, cw
  2. 'Helsinki University' x decorum, cp
  3. 'St. Michel' x 'Fred Wynniatt', cp
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