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The seed list for ARS 2005 Seed Exchange

Kristian Theqvist, Finland, 5b

I made last summer several new crosses with an aim to get super hardy rhododendrons that would survive in Finland. In most of my crosses I'm targeting for good looking foliage. The flower color may not come as wanted in some crosses, but it hopefully gives a sound basis for further breeding. The seed yield was this year quite good and I can offer more seeds than in 2004.

I made also many lepidote crosses using tomentosum ssp tomentosum as mother plant. However, the seeds from these crosses are much more limited in count and I can offer only two of the crosses. I send also this year some wild collected R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum as it is so easy for me to get seeds from the neighbouring marsh.

Note: The numbers in the list do not correspond to the numbers used in the ARS Seed Exchange list! Do not order seeds with numbers from my list!

  1. R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum, cw
  2. R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum x 'Milky Way', cp
  3. R. tomentosum ssp. tomentosum x russatum var. cantabile, cp
  4. dichroanthum hybrid KTH-002 x dichroanthum 'Böhmen', cp
  5. dichroanthum hybrid KTH-002 x 'Goldprinz' (syn. 'Goldschatz'), cp
  6. dichroanthum hybrid KTH-002 x 'Junifee', cp
  7. 'Haaga' x dichroanthum 'Böhmen', cp
  8. 'Haaga' x fortunei, cp
  9. 'Haaga' x vernicosum, cp
  10. 'Haaga' x 'Goldprinz' (syn. 'Goldschatz'), cp
  11. 'Helsinki University' x vernicosum, cp
  12. 'Kullervo' x adenopodum, cp
  13. 'Kullervo' x anwheiense, cp
  14. 'Kullervo' x campanulatum, cp
  15. 'Kullervo' x fortunei, cp
  16. 'Kullervo' x 'Goldprinz' (syn. 'Goldschatz'), cp
  17. 'Kullervo' x 'King's Ride', cp
  18. 'P.M.A. Tigerstedt' x dichroanthum 'Böhmen', cp
  19. 'P.M.A. Tigerstedt' x fortunei, cp
  20. 'P.M.A. Tigerstedt' x wightii, cp
  21. 'P.M.A. Tigerstedt' x 'Goldprinz' (syn. 'Goldschatz'), cp
  22. 'P.M.A. Tigerstedt' x 'Matterhorn', cp
  23. 'Pekka' x fortunei, cp
  24. 'Pekka' x 'Goldprinz' (syn. 'Goldschatz'), cp

Cold stratification of the 'Kullervo' seeds improves germination.

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